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Working from Home

Estate Planning and Probate Administration

Someone That Understands Your Unique Needs

Most people feel uncomfortable talking about what will happen if they are incapacitated or after they die. We understand that feeling. That is why at 17 Street Law Firm we are attentive, and focused on listening to better understand the unique needs and wishes of the client. We advise on a variety of estate planning matters for people who want to make sure that the future of their loved ones is secure.  We offer compassionate and competent legal assistance for individuals and families in need of estate planning or probate administration guidance. Call today and see how we can help you.

Open for Business

Small Business Start-Up

Helping you connect the pieces to the business puzzle

Everyone should have an income-generating side hustle. Multiple sources of income are one of many ways to create individual wealth.  At 17 Street Law Firm, we get that passion and fire to run your own business.  But starting your own business is full of challenges and complications.  We can help. Whether you need advice on business formation, contracts, or partnership agreements, we can help you get your business moving in the right direction.

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Tax Planning and Consultation

Providing strategic solutions for your tax issues

17 Street Law Firm has over 25 years of tax consulting and tax preparation experience for individuals and businesses.  We make it our mission to keep up with the latest tax changes and new tax laws so that you don't have to.  We can also help you resolve tax issues with the IRS including IRS audits, collections, and collection enforcements. Call today and see how we can help you.

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