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About the Attorney

Located in Gwinnett County, GA


My name is Carla Eubanks. I have been in the business profession and legal field for more than 20 years as a paralegal and attorney.  I have always enjoyed helping people answer everyday legal questions and navigate through unexpected legal issues.

Our firm, 17 Street Law Firm, operates on one crucial principle: Everyone, including the average person on the street, deserves access to sound legal planning and advice. We believe a person should never feel like only the ultra-wealthy can receive the best legal help.

Our goal at 17 Street Law Firm is to provide clients with quality legal assistance for the 21st century. Whether it's adding digital assets to an estate plan, developing a plan for a new side hustle business, navigating probate administration during a pandemic, or understanding the changes to the income tax rules. We will help you sort through the expected and unexpected legal issues that can affect you and your family's future. We achieve results by engaging deeper with clients to understand their needs and goals.  Our clients are not just numbers; they are members of hard-working families that deserve quality legal representation.

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