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Do you need an estate plan or to update an existing plan? Did you recently lose a loved one and have legal questions about probate court? Are you stuck on how to start or operate your small business? Do you need answers about individual or business tax planning? We can provide you with a step-by-step process for each of these legal issues and will explain the reasons for these steps throughout your legal process.


Our Practice Areas

Let Us Assist You

As your attorney, we are committed to understanding the importance of your case from beginning to end. With years of experience in our specific practice areas, 17 Street Law Firm will handle your legal issues with care and professionalism. Give us a call today and find out how we can help you and your family gain peace of mind and secure your financial future.

Estate Planning and Probate

Estate planning

The passing of a loved one is a stressful and emotional event for any family. Whether an estate plan exists or not, 17 Street Law Firm has the compassion and experience needed to guide families through the process of handling one's final affairs.

Small Business/Side Hustle Start Up

Business Formation

17 Street Law Firm wants to help you find success in your new or existing business. We can help with business formation, partnership agreements, and contracts by providing effective and efficient solutions that focus on your goals and the long-term vision for your business.

Tax Planning and Consulting

Legal consultation

At 17 Street Law Firm, one of my goals is to help individual and business clients fulfill their federal and state tax obligations while minimizing their overall tax burdens. Through individual and small business tax planning, we can help keep up with the changing tax laws and perhaps save you a few dollars in the long run. Give us a call today and see how we can help you.

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